17 - Colin

As with most of these, it started with a 'no' from an interesting-looking guy walking down Yonge Street. Since we've been taking my daughter to daycare, my wife and I have been driving mostly. It's been great in the way that the trip to work is quicker, but I don't run into as many people as I used to walking in the street. Determined to find my next stranger, I saw Colin walking down the street and motioned to him that I wanted to talk to him.

Right away, he seemed like an instant friend. His eyes lit up with expression when he talked, and he had a really warm personality. He told me about his recent trip to the Yukon, where his family lived, and how much wildlife he saw while he was up there. If you're reading this Colin, I'd love to see those photos you took, so send them my way! Thanks for the chat buddy.