11 - Becky

It had been a while since I had gotten a yes from someone. Actually, funny enough, there had been 12 people that had said no before Becky, and she happened to be the 12th stranger who let me photograph them. Anyway, I was on my way home and saw her standing at the corner and appeared to be waiting for the bus. One thing I had learned from these 12 nos, was that it was best to ask people that didn't look like they were busy. Even they said no more often then not.

She agreed quickly, and I pulled out my camera. She had just gotten off work from the adjacent building and was on her way to school for accounting. She was very friendly, but when it came time for the photo, it wasn't coming through. After a couple of shots, I popped my head up from behind the camera and stuck my tongue out at her and got this.

Something that I noticed about this photo while editing it, was that her glasses didn't have a glare on them due to the shadow from her hood. I'll definitely be using that trick in the future again.

Thanks for letting me take your photo Becky, it was really nice to meet you!