13 - Scott

The clouds in the sky were perfect as I left work, since it wasn't raining, but they made for a nice even light to shoot people in on my walk home. Even after 13 strangers, it's still intimidating walking up to complete strangers and asking to take their photo. I saw a lot of really interesting looking people on the way home, but quickly came up with the usual excuses as to why I shouldn't photograph them.

Almost home, I stopped off to pick up some crickets for my leopard geckos at the pet store nearby. As Scott rang in my stuff, we started having a conversation about reptiles, and how one of his colleagues had over 17 different ones in the same tank! Unbelievable. Just before I was about to leave, I asked him.

Turns out, he's a photographer too. He was glad to oblige, and we continued our conversation while I got my camera set up. He went to school at Seneca for photography and then moved out to Alberta for a while, where he got into the scene shooting various bands in the area. Since he's been back, he said it's been difficult to get his foot in the door (to which I couldn't agree more) because of the abundance of creative talent in Toronto.

Thanks again for the conversation Scott! It was great to meet you, and I'll see you the next time the geckos need a refill.