14 - April

Walking people are becoming less and less my target (unless they have something really interesting about them visually). They're often on their way somewhere, and don't have a lot of time to chit chat. Luckily this time when I asked, she wasn't in a rush.

April was just on her way home from going to Starbucks when I stopped her. She's from Korea, and has only been living here for 2 years learning English, and although broken, it seems to be coming along quite well. She misses her home, but has been enjoying the summers here. Like many of us, however, winter still hasn't warmed up to her - no pun intended.

The sun was quite bright when I met her, so I used the sun as a rim light, and set my exposure for her face. The bright sun also allowed for some great catchlights in her eyes, as it lit up everything in front of her.