15 - Drew

I had been asked to shoot an event at Ontario Place for the NFL, and somehow still hadn't had enough by the end. Remembering that I hadn't gotten a stranger in a long time, I decided to ask someone if I could take their photograph on my way out.

Drew enters the scene. He was waiting for some people to come by the stand he was managing, and looked like the kind of guy that wouldn't mind having his photo taken. Don't ask me why.

After kindly accepting my request, I found out that he was originally from Niagara Falls, but has been coming to visit Toronto since his high school days. Unfortunately, I had run out of business cards by the end, but took my website verbally. Hope you found your way here Drew!

This was shot with a tarp in the background under a tent, with the open side of it at camera left. We were pretty much at the edge of the tent, which made for a great contrast from one side of his face to the other.