16 - Lester

Not but five steps into the beer store I met my next stranger. Lester was having a hard time reading the small prices at the top of the list and asked if I could give him the information he was trying to read. He explained to me that he had a stroke behind his right eye, and an implant, which helped to an extent, but not enough to read the 1.5cm high letters a few feet above our head.

He wasn't there to get some for himself, but for his grandchild, who had recently come to Toronto to get married. We chatted a little while we waited in line and ended up leaving the store together.

Hesitant, as I didn't have my DSLR with me, I decided to whip out my phone and ask him if he'd mind if I took his portrait. Friendly as he was, he gladly obliged.

Thanks Lester, and enjoy the wedding!