About Me

Hi. My name is Adam, and I'm based in Caledon, Ontario. I photograph portraits professionally, and also sell my personal work, which is mostly comprised of urban and rural scenery. I specialize in editorial portraiture, which is essentially portraits of people that give a little background about them. Telling a story in my photographs is the driving force behind what I do - it's both a joy and a deeply-engrained passion.

I've lived in Caledon for most of my life, and later spent most of my time in Toronto, aside from a few years abroad in Berlin. After going on an exchange, and then back again to teach with my wife and have our first daughter, we came back to our home to have our second and raise our new family. If I'm not working with photography, you might catch me cooking a nice meal, playing cards and board games, working on a website or noodling around on my guitar.

If you'd like to know more, don't forget to check out my blog, or you can drop me a line.
Clientelle and Publications:

Scotiabank | Berliner Verkehrsbetrieb | Brand USA