Style Guide

Here's a few tips on how to dress during our sessions together. Keep in mind that these are guidelines, and that sometimes broken rules have their advantages!


  • Go Simple!
    Solid colours, light make-up, subtle jewelry.
  • Co-ordinated...
    but not matching (for groups). For example, not all white dress shirts, but different dress shirts, or different shirts/outfits of same colour range.
  • Props
    But nothing cheesy, something natural. Watermelon to eat for family shoots, cigar for men's portrait, umbrella or scarf for women's.
  • Outfits
    Bring extras for a change, and use contrasting colors (ie. grey with wine red).


  • Extreme Colours
    Black, white, and bright or neon colours. Also, colours of the same hue as your complexion.
  • Distractions
    Dangly/flashy jewelry, low-cut tops, tight patterned clothing, heavy make-up, glasses, bright/glossy lipstick.
  • Extreme-Sized Clothing
    Too baggy or too tight tend to work negatively for obvious reasons.